A Vanilla Solution to Network Quality Assurance

What Is CustardWare?

A vanilla solution to your problems

CustardWare is a framework technology that allows us to tie together modular components that can examine configuration and operational metrics from networks and/or systems. In simple terms it uses SNMP (amongst other protocols) to gather information on the configuration and operation of network devices and systems.

From this source information it produces graphs and tables that indicate the current state of one or more configurations. This can be used to easily contrast and compare the configuration of devices and to gain insight into operation, bottlenecks, performance problems and errors.

Layer3 can provide a completely managed service to support the system, allowing you and your staff to focus on understanding your network and working on your SLA.

Layer3 can provide bespoke solutions to get the most out of your network devices, we can write specific solutions to meet your needs, working with you to drill down to key information that may be critical to your Key Perfromance Indicators and your SLA's.