A Vanilla Solution to Network Quality Assurance


Custom System Tuning And Remote Diagnostic Software

Implementing SLA's that match your customers requirements can be quite challenging. Whilst it may be easy to gain good results initially, maintaining the required standard is never easy. There are a number of circumstances where changes, small failures or intermittent problems can have a serious effect on the overall operation of the network and supported systems. Traditional network monitoring tools are focused on individual devices and do not provide a higher level of abstraction nor always provide full integration with other tools.

Traditional tools do not scale well into multi-network WAN/LAN environments and often there are niche areas where custom solutions are required.

End to end functionality is hard to monitor and can make calling the right support teams hard to do, inevitably multiple teams can become involved and waste time determining the true origin of a problem.

Very often a network is judged by its weakest link. Once a service becomes unsatisfactory and confidence is lost it can be very costly, if not impossible to correct the poor perception of that service.

CustardWare gives you a new set of tools with which you can audit your network or examine configurations looking for misconfigurations or other problems that can impact your network and systems smooth running. It can be used to highlight correct operation and provide an extra level of diagnostics that aid in understanding failure or misconfiguration as it occurs.

CustardWare gives you another way to look at your network and systems.